Welcome to the MLB.com Mobile Blog

Welcome to the MLB.com/Mobile Blog!

This is our space to tell you about new products and features, update you on service issues, and ruminate from time to time on things mobile and baseball.  It’s also your space to tell us what you like (and don’t like) about our products, how we can improve them, and generally how you want to experience baseball on your mobile device.

We’ve been extremely busy this offseason – tomorrow’s post will talk about a few of the many new products and features we’ve launched.  In the meantime you can always check them out for yourself on our new, improved Web site at MLB.com/Mobile.

And remember – any time you need the latest score and schedule info, just go to wap.mlb.com on your mobile phone’s browser and select "Scores", or just text your team’s name to 65246 (MLBGO).  Standard text messaging and data rates apply, but there’s no signup required and no subscription fees.

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Great idea to have this blog, really. More mobile sites should provide this type of communication. We are helping to get the word out over at MobileMammoth.com.

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