Goodies for Blackberry Users

We just released the Desktop Icon for Blackberry(TM) devices,  a downloadable app that adds an MLB icon to your device which takes you to the Mobile Web site with a single click.

To download the icon directly to your device "over the air", open your Blackberry’s browser and go o to A link should be visible at the top of the page that will take you to a download page with instructions.   You can also skip the main page and go directly to

We do not charge any fee or subscription to download this app, though you will be responsible for any data or voice fees that your carrier charges you for accessing data on your device.  Consult your carrier for more info.

Another helpful hint for Blackberry(TM) users:  To get the best experience of the Mobile Web site on your Blackberry(TM), we recommend enabling support for HTML tables & style sheets in your browser.  Doing this will result in a cleaner and prettier display of things like the box score and team logos.

To make sure these settings are enabled,

1.  On the handset’s Home screen, click the Blackberry Browser icon.

2. Click the trackwheel, then select Options.

3. Select Browser Configuration.

4. To enable or disable support for these features, check the appropriate checkbox:
    a) To enable support for HTML tables, make sure the Support HTML Tables check box is checked. If it is not, click the checkbox, then click Change Option.
b) To enable support for style sheets, make sure the Support Style Sheets check box is checked. If it is not, click the checkbox, then click Change Option.

 5. To save your changes, click the trackwheel, then click Save Options.

Consult your user manual for more information on these settings and how to change them.

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