At Bat 2010 for Android and BlackBerry

The 1.0 releases of At Bat 2010 for BlackBerry and Android are now live on App World and App Market respectively.

Both Apps deliver LIVE MLB scores, Gameday pitch-by-pitch and game stats, standings, news, Gameday Audio, in-game video highlights, and Condensed Games for the 2010 season.

The BlackBerry app is currently available for BlackBerry Storm devices running 5.0 software. Apps for additional devices are planned for after opening day, but Audio and Gameday will be available to BlackBerry users on OS 4.6 and above via our subscription web app Mobile Premium, accessible at

At Bat 2010 for Android is supported on 1.5 software and above, but 2.0 is recommended for the best audio experience.

You can expect update releases throughout the season bringing additional feature enhancements.


If I pay the $120 for MLB.TV Premium, do I still also have to pay $15 for this app? Or is it included?

The front page of seems to at least imply that “portability” is included in the price.

Also, does the $15 for the app include game audio, or is there a separate charge for that.

Finally, any hope of getting live video on Blackberries this season?

Thanks for the questions. The application does include game audio. MLB.TV subscriptions are separate from the application, which is sold through BlackBerry App World. MLB.TV subscribers can log in and watch LIVE video of Regualr season games on the iPhone version of At Bat.

Our live video solution is based on the IETF adaptive bitrate streaming specification which is optimized for mobile networks. We are working with device manufactures to get this spec implemented into their OS so we can deliver live games to as many fans as possible, but a timeline is not currently available.

Ok well looks like a great app, but my Sprint Hero running 1.5 will not play videos. Any ideas. At 14.95 videos need to work.

On our test devices we have not seen issues with video playback on the hero, but we’ll look into it. Some wi-fi networks block RTSP (real-time streaming protocol) connections, so you may want to try turning off wi-fi to see if that helps.

Definitely email the mobile team customer service so you can provide a detailed description of the behavior you are seeing.

I would love to buy and download this app but I have a Palm Pre. Is there any timeline or idea about when this may be released for WebOS? I would for sure pay the 15$ for it and would absolutely love it.

Thanks for the response. Not using WIFI but maybe I’ll try that.
E-mail was sent. I think it may be my phone. On another blog some one stated he is getting videos on his Sprint Hero. I’ll keep trying. Love the app. Big baseball fan. Thanks.

Ok turned ON WIFI, and it works. Got video. AWESOME!!!
So is the problem with Sprint’s 3G network?
Hopefully it will work in 3G, WIFI kills my battery.

Why is it the model of BB that is most in use ISN’T one of those the app is built for? I’m sick & tired of this iPhone/Android/Storm crap when none compare to the BB Curve for numbers of users. Is it because the Curve is seen as being a “business” phone as opposed to the others?

Thanks for the feedback. We are currently working on a trackball/trackpad implemtation of the BlackBerry app for other models with software version 5.0 and above.

The Curve series includes a variety of different models with different OS versions, screen sizes, networking, browsers and media playback capability. The Curve 83xx series and 95xx series are very different devices and require different content delivery solutions.

We want as many fans as possible to have access to MLB content, so we also offer the mobile site with Gameday Audio and Mobile Premium as alternatives. Hope this answers your question.

oh teh noes. I have a Bold. When will Audio and Gameday be available to BlackBerry users on OS 4.6 and above via your subscription web app Mobile Premium?

Mobile Premium is scheduled to be released on March 15.

Ok now live gameday audio wont work. any ideas?

If the problem is networking you can try switching between 3G and Wi-Fi. If it worked in the past, you can try quitting the app (Menu Key > More > Quit) and restarting. To get technical help is to email the customer support address found in the FAQ.

I would love to buy this but the App Store on Blackberry only takes PayPal which is something I will not do. Is there any other way to pay for this and then download it to my Blackberry?

Currently BlackBerry App World is the only way to buy the App.

ok….i have the At Bat 2010 app on my Blackberry storm…however i only have the Storm1 and my 3g Bar Barely gets over 2 bars….is their anyway i can try out the mobile premimum on the 15th to see if its any better? and decide on the 2? they are both 14.99 on my phone.

Customer service may be able to help you with that request. Check the app help section for the address. However, if your problem is network connectivity, then Mobile Premium is not likely to perform better than At Bat. Let them know what the specific issues you are experiencing are (audio vs score updates). Thanks.

The audio cuts in and out and it seems the score updates are WAY behind…like mabye 2-3 innings at times.

Thanks for the feedback. Audio cutting in and out could be one of a variety of issues depending on your device and carrier. Please email customer service so they can take your full specs. Also, please provide them some additional information about the 2-3 inning delay. Is it on the main scoreboard, or when you have selected a specific game? Does it happen all the time or only under certain circumstances. We are not seeing the problem here, so additional information will help us track it down. Thank you.

I’m also having issues with play/scoring updates. My audio has worked flawlessly so far, however, even under perfect WiFi or 3G coverage, the scoring will not refresh. I’m hoping this is an issue that can be resolved, however, I noticed, and reported, the same behavior during the Beta phase last October during the WS.

T-Mobile G1, Android v 1.6

The app works fine in most instances. However, when I’m listening to audio, and I switch out of the application to go to the home screen or to another application from the message bar, the audio ends. At Bat places itself in the Ongoing part of the message bar, but the app doesn’t continue to play. If I go back into At Bat, either via the home screen or through the message bar, At Bat starts over again – I see the splash screen and it brings me to the main menu (ie, the select your game screen).

On an operating system that has multitasking built-in to it, this behavior should not be happening. The audio should continue to play while I use other apps on the phone. Will this be fixed?


You are correct, that is not the correct behavior of the application. Audio does play in the background on our devices and the purpose of putting the application in the notification bar is to allow you to background the audio and return at any time. We have not encountered this issue before but we will definitely take a look. Please email customer service so they can track the issue. Thank you.

I can’t see the gameday icon, the field icon or gameday itself on my iPhone AtBat2010 app? Can you offer suggestions.
Thank you.

So I am a little confused and hoping someone can help- I have the storm and was looking into the at bat app- just seems that the iphone users get a ton more for the $15 then blackberry users- also what is the difference between the at bat app and mobile premium subscription? also cant find the cost of the mobile premium…

Sorry for any confusion. Applications on all platforms provide Live Scoreboard, Gameday Stats Data, Gameday Audio, In Game Highlights, Condensed Games, League News, Standings, and Featured Video.

The BlackBerry application does not currently support the Live Video streaming because BlackBerry devices do not support the IETF HTTP live streaming specification for adaptive bit rate streaming. As devices incorporate support, the feature sets will come into line.

Mobile Premium is a Mobile web-based subscription service that provided Gameday pitch tracking, Audio and in-game highlights through a web browser. The service is also $15 and is intended for users on devices that are unable to get At Bat.

What other devices are going to get At Bat after the season starts? I’m trying to decide whether to grab mobile premium or wait for At Bat to come out for my device (BB 9700).

What other devices are going to get At Bat after the season starts? I’m trying to decide whether to grab mobile premium or wait for At Bat to come out for my device (BB 9700).

We are currently working on a port for the BlackBerry 9700. Once we have a trackpad-based UI other devices will follow.

Great! I’m a day one purchaser.

I too have a Palm Pre, and would love to have this app! With the new PDK Palm has said iPhone apps should be able to be ported in a matter of hours. Point me in the directiion of the At Bat for WebOS petition right now!

Thanks for getting back to me-
I recently purchased this app for my Verizon Blackberry Storm 9550- So far not loving it- On Tuesday I tried to listen to the Yankees game and the audio kept cutting in and out- when it wasn?t cutting out it was really low. I was in an area that had plenty of coverage- my 3G had all the bars. Today I went to listen to the Yankees game and audio wasn?t available- Is this going to be fixed- I really expected more from this app. Please advice.

Thanks for the comment. It sounds like there are a couple of issues. First, the teams do not actually broadcast every Spring Training game, so there will be games without audio. At Bat picks up whatever radio broadcasts are available. Here is the current Yankees Schedule: Sometimes only the opponent may carry the game.

EVERY game will be available during the Regular Season, so that will not be an ongoing issue. Last year we did not stream any audio to mobile devices during Spring Training, but we decided it would be better for fans to get whatever was available.

If you continue to hear low volume, please email customer service with the details. You may want to see if other games have a similar problem or if it is one particular station. Because we are pulling in the radio and transcoding in real time, some stations may not be coming it to us at a high enough volume, so that can definitely be tuned.

Audio cutting in and out could be attributed to a number of reasons. Please email customer service so our engineers can investigate the issue. And be aware that, while having full bars indicates that you have good reception (a high quality connection), you still have to get data over the internet, which is subject to network congestion, particularly over a carrier. However, we will look into the problem to make sure the application is not the source of your particular issue.

Hope this helps. Thanks for the feedback.

Hi mlbmobile…I too purchased MLB at bat 2010 for my Blackberry Storm. I have noticed two things.

1. When a game is going on I cannot get the “Game” view to work…it’s always a black icon at the bottom. Field, Box Score, Summary, and Game Videos all work. Is this option not available for Spring Training? Ironically…when the game ends…that icon is available.

2. I’m having refresh update issues as well. Both on the main scoreboard and when using Gameday. I have the scoreboard refresh rate set to 15 seconds. At first I thought that it didn’t refresh because my backlight dimmed…but then I purposely kept it lit for more than 5 minutes and still nothing refreshed.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

The Game view will appear when the Spring Training facilities start to provide the pitch-by-pitch data for the application. This typically starts to happen towards the middle to end of Spring Training, but it depends on the team. The Game view is able to show after games because the winning and losing pitcher data is available. So this issue should resolve itself in the coming weeks.

We will look into the score refresh issue, but please email customer service so the team can track the issue. It is possible that this issue is tied to your first issue. Some spring training facilities only provide scoring updates at the end of each half inning so the app could take a while to get new information. It might be helpful to compare the application to the data you see on the website to see if they are out of sync. In the meantime, a15 second refresh rate may drain your battery faster, so you may want to set that back higher for now.

Thanks for the feedback. Hope this information helps.

mlbmobile — I use a Motorola Droid and love the app, but I’m also curious about the live video for Android.

You mentioned to a Blackberry user that IETF HTTP live streaming specification for adaptive bit rate streaming is not supported on RIM devices, and that “as devices incorporate support, the feature sets will come into line.” The word that stuck out to me here is “devices”…

Since Android devices are built by a variety of manufactures and run different OS versions depending on the phone, I’d imagine that some may support the specs needed to run the MLB.TV video, while others may not. Am I correct in that assumption, and will this prevent MLB.TV support from coming to the Android app since the video capabilities may vary by the device?

Finally… does the Droid support the IETF HTTP live streaming spec?

Currently the Droid does not implement the live streaming spec. Android device fragmentation, whether the differing hardware or software would not necessarily stop us from delivering MLB.TV to any Android devices that did support the capability. However, the App Market limits a developers flexibility to target certain devices so we’d probably need to build some capability detection logic into the application.

Thanks for the quick response and the great information!

What is the email for customer service? Thanks. If your email is configured on the device you can find a link in the Help section. It’s avail;e through the menu key. Using the link should pre-populate some information customer service can use to better track messages.

Will there be an option to upgrade from Mobile Premium to At Bat once the additional devices are supported?

That is an excellent question and we are investigating. The challenge is that the apps are sold through the device manufacturer application stores (App World, App Market), and these stores don’t know whether you purchased a subscription service from

We will offer a monthly subscription option for Mobile Premium so that you will not need to commit to an entire season. We are working to get additional device ports as quickly as possible. At Bat for BlackBerry will only run on OS 5.0 and higher so make sure to find out if that is available for your device.

I am a recurring MLBTV subscriber that also used MLB Audio on the Centro & then I had the chance to catch a few games with the Pre. The transition wasn’t smooth. I’m anticipating a better experience this year. Will the MLB channel be available on mobile?

Thanks for the feedback. I’m not exactly sure what you mean by the transition wasn’t smooth, however, he audio product for the Centro was built for and offered through Sprint’s billing mechanism. The two products are unfortunately completely different despite both being on Palm devices. It’s one of the big challenges of device fragmentation. We expect that signing up for Mobile Premium again should be much easier. If you continue to experience difficulty please email customer service with your experience so we can improve it going forward. The MLB Network is not currently available for mobile devices.

@mlbmobile. I am having a continuing problem with the audio cutting out continuously on my Moto Droid. After about 5 to 15 of listening to a game, the audio will cut out and it says, “unable to connect”. I have tried using At Bat while connected to WiFi and the audio still cuts out. A girl in my office has the same phone and has At Bat as well, and she is having no problems listening to games. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, and even formatted my phone and reinstalled the At Bat first and just tried to use it with nothing else installed to see if there were conflicts, and it still cut out. I e-mailed customer service and they just sent me a copy and paste response from the FAQ section. People in the Android App Market have been complaining of this problem as well, any ideas? Solution?

Customer Service did escalate your request to the Engineering team and we’re looking to see if we can reproduce the problem. Assuming there’s an application issue, there will be another release before opening day. We’ll keep you posted.

hi mlbmobile

i have a android mytouch 3.5mm phone (tmobile). the app doesn’t show up in the android market. this is becauase google is laggy in updating their database of “footprints” of new devices. until then, you won’t be able to collect my money. please put some heat on google.

see also:


Is there a link to download mlb premium for a BB Curve 8900? I heard March 15th before, and then saw March 18th on, but I still don’t see a link on Thanks

There should be a link to subscribe to Mobile Premium at the top on your Curve 8900.

Is there going to be an option to order mobile premium for the full season? I have a BB 9360 and it is only giving me the option for the 2.99 monthly, not the 14.99 full season.

Thanks for the question. Are you talking about the BlackBerry 9630 Tour? If so, we just released the At Bat 2010 application for this device, running OS 5.0. (An official release should be forthcoming) Currently, only the Sprint version has the 5.0 update available, but as soon as the Verizon Tour supports 5.0, the app will be available. You’d have to check with Verizon to find out if a 5.0 upgrade is on the way.

We have not currently released a full season purchase option because fans will end up buying the full season of Mobile Premium only to find that At Bat 2010 is available a month later. BlackBerry App World uses an entirely separate billing system so it would require a separate purchase.

In addition to the 9630, the At Bat 2010 release on the 9700 and 8530 device running OS 5.0 is imminent. Hope this answers your question.

I have a Bold 9000 that is running a OS 5.0? Can I purchase the At Bat application now that it’s supported on a Bold 9700 operating an OS 5.0? Will the Bold 9000 ever be supported?

What are the differences between MLB at Bat and Mobile Premium?

We are looking to see if the app will run correctly on the Bold 9000 running 5.0. If so we will release a version, but there is not a version currently available and we don’t have a definitive timeline for launch.

Mobile Premium is a mobile web subscription service that allows access to Gameday Audio, Gameday and Video Highlights though the mobile web site The content is similar to what’s in the At Bat application, but the application offers a custom User Interface. The application is a separate purchase through BlackBerry App World.

How’s the development for the BBerry 8330 coming? I’m itching to get my hands on it… My phone feels like Brandon Webb – not ready for opening day… šŸ˜¦

At Bat requires an officially released version of the 5.0 operating system for the device. So there isn’t an available timeline for the 8330.

A Mobile Gameday Audio subscription should be available for the device if you visit If you are having trouble please let customer service know. Thanks.

MLBMOBILE: I have seen several people inquire about a WebOS version. I will add myself to this list šŸ™‚ Any idea if this is in the works and when we can expect to see it? Thank you..

The team is looking at WebOS, but there is no immediate plan for a release. If plans change we will let Palm fans know. Thanks for the letting us know.

Just wondering if there will be a league leaders/ stat page added to the program??

League leaders and deeper player stats are currently on the road map for this season.

Can I watch live games on a Droid? If not will I be able to? Your comment from before looks like you were refering to Black Berry. I do have a MLB.TV subscription to watch on my computer. I am not “tech” savy, so please explain what I will be able to do with a Droid phone and MLB.TV subscription in regards to MLB on my phone. I have Sprint Unlimited Data plan.

Currently you cannot watch live games on the Droid. The reason is exactly the same as you read for BlackBerry. The simplest explanation is that the streaming video format that we use for live games is not currently supported by either Android or BlackBerry (or Palm or Windows) like it is on the iPhone.

We are working to get support for the open standard video specification used on the iPhone onto as many mobile devices as we can so we can bring live video to more fans. We are also looking at alternatives in case the standard isn’t adopted and we need to create a custom implementation. The challenge with Android is that we need it to work on the multiple versions of the OS in the market. So we can’t provide a timeline for when live video will be available on the Droid yet.

Hope that wasn’t filled with too much tech jargon.

MLB Mobile,
All I was wondering is if there is going to be an option to purchase mobile premium for 14.99 instead of the 2.99 monthly, and when this is going to be made available?

Is there a version for Windows Mobile phones?

Currently there is not a version of At Bat for Windows Mobile. The announcement of the new Windows Phone OS may impact plans for the future, but the first devices are not expected until after the end of the 2010 Baseball Season.

I don’t have wifi availability all the time. Are the archived games available for download directly to the IPod Touch and not streamed via wifi?

Currently archived games are not available via the At bat application in either streaming or download format.

Hi mlbmobile…I just received a message on my BB Storm that there is an updated version (1.1) of At Bat 2010. However, when I go to BB App World and click on upgrade, it says that this is not available on BB App World. Is this a BB App World bug or is the update available somewhere else? Also…what is included on the update?


The App is only available through App World, so this sounds like an App World issue. The release added support for a bunch of trackpad based devices like the Bold 9700. Fro Storm users there are a variety of minor bug fixes but not major feature enhancements.

Currently Gameday Audio is available for the Blackberry 8330 but not any other 83xx models. Are there plans to change this so that we can all listen? These devices aren’t really very different.

Gameday Audio should be available across a variety of BlackBerry devices. The main difference between 83xx is really the carrier network, which does impact our ability to support audio. 30 series devices are typically CDMA where the 20’s are GSM. Which specific model are you using?

In regards to the “unable to connect” audio issue that has plagued the Android app (at least on Motorola Droid phones), are there any updates on whether or not this will be fixed?

You mentioned that the issue was escalated to the engineering team and that there would hopefully “be another release before opening day,” but that was the last I heard this topic discussed.

This issue has made it really frustrating to listen to Spring Training games, and there have been a ton of complaints on the Android Market. I really hope it can be resolved… it’s a great app otherwise, but the amount of audio drops (once every 3-10 minutes) is almost a deal-breaker.

We’ve been doing a lot of research into the Motorola Droid issue. It appears that many users are having connection issues on the device independently of the application.

There appears to be a problem with device that it has trouble holding network connections, particularly on wi-fi. We are escalating the issue externally and have released a new version of the Application which is now available in App Market that attempts to work around the issue by automatically reconnecting in the event of a dropped connection.

The application works by using the built in Android media player, so if the device drops its connection there are limited options. We are investigating a separate solution that doesn’t rely on the Android media player, but this has it’s own set of risks given the Android OS fragmentation.

Please try downloading the latest version of the application and seeing if it improves your experience. If it doesn’t, please email customer service so we can continue to address this issue.

Quick update. The 1.1 Android release was held up for some additional QA. Should be out tomorrow.

At Bat version 1.0.3 for Andorid was released today. This release includes auto-reconnection to audio broadcasts in the event that the device loses it’s network connection. In our testing we have been able to listen to full games without problem, but the connection drop issue seems to vary widely across Android handsets. Please download the new version and see if this improves your experience. If it doesn’t, definitely let us know so we can continue to improve the application for Android users. Thanks again for the feedback.

I’m using an 8310 (GSM), and I don’t see the option to listen to Gameday Audio when I go to the mobile site; I’ve tried emulating different 83xx series BBs on my home computer and the only one it works on is 8330. I’ve never had trouble with streaming audio in rtsp format from other sites, so if that’s what MLB is using, it should work for me.

Thanks, if you know your exact device user-agent, let us know. I’m curious to see if we are failing to identify some blackberry devices. The product should be available for your model. To find it you can go to

Thanks for your help mlbmobile. The user agent for my phone is BlackBerry8310/ Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1 VendorID/107

On 8310 devices here, we are seeing the Gameday Audio link. If you are still having problems please email customer service and let them know.

Thanks again for your help mlbmobile – the link first appeared last night and I’ve been listening since then (less a technical problem this afternoon, but I think that was my carrier’s fault).

Today, it’s hardly flawless – I keep getting a message saying that I can’t be logged in when I’m on the 8310, but it’s working on my wife’s BB. Could the fact that I used two different BBs at the same time be the issue?

Another vote for WebOS! Contract me and I’ll port/write it šŸ™‚ It reallly shouldn’t be too hard for someone with the code for iPhone/Android.

Been trying all day to get the Mobile Premium on my Bold 9000. Every time i try to login to buy, I get the same message, “Sorry, we’ve encountered a problem, please try again later”. two emails have gone unanswered, and of course there’s no phone number to call. Are otehrs getting the same problem. Reading around this site, and it sounds like the At-Bat may only be avaialbe for for Storms and up, but the same gameday audio that i was able to get last year on the same phone should still be available somehow, yes ?

There has been an issue with site login, that the engineering team is working to resolve as quickly as possible which is why you are getting the error. Sorry for any inconvenience. Gameday Audio will be available to you when the service is restored.

At Bat is available for trackpad BlackBerry devices including the Bold 9700 and New Curve running the BlackBerry 5.0 OS. When there is an official carrier release of 5.0 for the Bold 9000 we will try to support that device as well. Hope that helps.

jamruss, I was able to get a response to my emails complaining about the same problem, and I was told that there is ‘an issue’ with account logins right now that they’re trying to fix…hopefully it’s fixed sooner rather than later…

Any update on a Windows Mobile v6.5 version of the app? Thanks!!

Sorry, currently there is not an update on a WinMo 6.5 version of the application. If anything changes, we will post to the blog.

Any thoughts on adding this app for the Palm Pre? Being a Palm user, I would certainly love it.

Thanks for the feedback. We are looking at doing a WebOS version of the app, but there is not currently a timeline for a release.

Having a lot of connection issues on my Droid that it sounds like everyone else is.

You mentioned v1.1 currently in QA. Does that version address these Droid issues?

The update is now out and available in the Android Marketplace. The release has some new code to address the Droid connection issues. Internal testing on Droids has worked fine, but the connection problems seem to vary with devices out in the market, and we have yet to hear from any Droid users to see if the release has improved things. The problem seems to be tied to the Droid, but we are continuing to monitor the situation closely to see if any other improvements can be made in the app.

Please download the update and let us know if it helps with your Droid. Thanks.

I still don’t see the update available on the market (looks like only 1.03 is available). But I look forward to trying it.

Im having the same problem as aviw above still only see 1.03 and not 1.1

We moved the audio fixes into the 1.03 version, so if you have that version and are still experiencing issues with connections dropping, please let us know immediately, because our next step is to escalate further with Google.

Is there a similar support forum/blog for MLB Gameday Audio subscribers that access through the mobile web site, not the At Bat app?


This blog can be used for all MLB Mobile related questions including At Bat on iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android, Mobile premium, the mobile site, etc.

Apologies that we haven’t had time to set up some more topics, as we have been working on rolling out a lot of updates and new products leading up to and through opening week.

Unfortunately I’m still getting some drop off on my DROID although it seems to reconnect relatively quickly most of the time. I’ll be able to provide a more comprehensive report tomorrow when the giants play again ; )

I changed the ‘Low Memory Settings’ from Stop Playing to Keep Playing.

Thank you for working so hard on this fix. It’s frustrating that the audio is having issues but it’s clear that you guys understand and won’t leave us all season without quality audio.

Ok using a Sprint Hero running android 1.5 (come on Sprint already with the update) MLB At bat 1.0.3. Lose audio connection WAY too often. Unable to reconnect unless I exit the App completely. Auto reconnect does not work, gets stuck trying to acquire network.

Thanks for the great app.

Thanks for the feedback. Our engineers will take a look. Android devices running 1.5 actually have a completely different implementation of Gameday Audio because they don’t support the same media playback formats as devices running 1.6 and above, so we will see if there are unique issues being caused. Hopefully the OS update comes out soon.

I have not been able to get any audio feeds to work for the last two days on my Blackberry Curve 8900. I have the mobile premium service and everytime it trys to load the audio stream it says “Cannot find the web address. Verify that the address is correct.” I emailed customer support yesterday about it and they said they were aware of the problem and check back later. Do you know a time frame for when it will be back up? I had so many problems with this last year I canceled after a couple months.

Thanks for the report. The Mobile Premium service is currently working. We are playing the Live Cleveland/Detroit game on an AT&T Curve 8900 right now. Are you still having difficulty? If so, can you provide your carrier, and a description of how you are accessing the audio feeds? It’s possible you have found a path through the system that is resulting in a bad url. Have you ever been able to get a feed on the device? We’ll have the engineers take a look.

I am a Gameday Audio Subscriber from the mobile site, not the Gameday App. I am having two problems. Both of these problems occur on my Blackberry Storm 9530 and Blackberry Curve 8330 on Verizon.

The first is that the audio volume on some, but not all games, is extremely low. Two examples were the Milwaukee feed of the Brewers/Rockies game on Wed, April 7 and the Pittsburgh feed of the Pirates/Dodgers game on Thurs, April 8.

The second problem I have is that I will be able to start listening to a feed and after some time, playback will stop and the device will display a message that an error has occurred. When I click the link to try to restart the feed or any other feed, the audio will not play and the same error will be displayed. If I wait about 15 minutes, I will be able to restart any feed. This has happened intermittently during the afternoons of Wed, April 7 through Fri, April 9.

Can you suggest a solution to either of these issues?

Thank you for the feedback. For the first problem, it sounds like there may be some issues at the source where we acquire feeds from the radio stations. I’ve let the operations manager know that feeds are coming in with low volume so we can try an address this.

The second problem actually sounds like two separate issues. The way the mobile web product works is that it simply hands off an audio link to the default blackberry media player. Once it starts playing, it is all in the device’s hands and it shouldn’t drop unless the stream ends or the device loses connection. Being unable to reconnect would be a separate problem.

If the streaming service went down, then you would probably see the behavior you described, so we can check in to see if there were any outages over the time period you mentioned. Other than that, we can check in with the engineers to see other possible explanations.

If you could let us know if the behavior continues, the times of the outages, and what the specific error messages are, it would be helpful for debugging. Thanks

I’m listening to the Tigers-Indians game on MLB Mobile Premium on my Palm Pre and the audio quality is AWESOME!
It used to sound garbled, like you were underwater.
Now, it’s the best I’ve heard all season, I don’t know what you guys did, but what a difference.
Keep up the great work (and creating an At Bat for Web OS, wink, wink).

I bought the app and the audio worked fine for about 15 minutes. Then the audio stopped, and after that, nothing would work. Standings, Audio, Videos, etc. all fail. It says, “Loading…” for a minute or two, and then says, “Unable to load data.” I tried all of the following: (1) quit the app and re-ran it several times; (2) did a force close; (3) did a battery pull; (4) turned wi-fi on and off, and tried using the app both ways (when it worked for the first 15 minutes, wi-fi was on — physical location stayed the same the whole time). None of this helped — the app simply won’t work now. Platform is a Moto Droid at firmware 2.1-update1. Any ideas? Thanks, Joe

We’ll have some engineers try and reproduce the issue here. It would seem the next step would be to uninstall the application and try re-downloading it from the marketplace.

I have a Blackerry Bold 9000. I’m using the link from Mobile Premium and Gameday Audio to access audio feeds. When I try to open a feed I receive the following error: “Cannot find the web address. Verify that the address is correct” This lasts for quite some time. Eventually after a hour or more I seem to be able to access audio for the games. This has occurred since March 30th for any game and feed that I try. Most recently April 10th Astros and also the Cubs game.

Thanks, the Engineering team working on mobile premium has been alerted to this issue. It appears to be a broken url. If you can find out one of the links that is broken and send it in, it would help with tracking down the issue.

Where is the appropriate place to send feature requests/suggestions? I’ve sent a few via Feedback in the application, but from some of the responses I get back from the “customer service” folks, I don’t even think they’re reading what was written.

Right here is a good place for feature requests and suggestions. We’ve been meaning to set up some topics to make this more organized but development has taken precedence.

I am running At Bat 2010 on an iPhone 3G. There is a 60-120 second lapse between game action and the audio stream. This seems like a rather big lag, and occurs on both 3G and WiFi, and with both in-app audio streaming and Safari audio streaming. Is there a fix in the works for this? Thanks, Joe

Some of the audio delay is inherent to the process of acquiring, transcoding, and distributing audio over the internet and carriers, but you are correct that 60-120 seconds is larger than it should be. We are currently working with our CDN to tune the settings to improve performance.

The Cardinals audio feed is not working right now. Astros feed and other game feeds are working just fine. I just signed up for the service; is this a common issue?

The Cardinals feed was briefly down as we lost our connection to the audio source. These problems do happen occasionally, but it should not be a recurring issue. Sorry for any inconvenience.

How about the ability to play through a non a2dp bluetooth headset. that would be a nice addition to the blackberry app

Non a2dp headsets should be supported in the current 1.1.1 release of the application in App World. However, we can’t guarantee compatibility with any particular headset model without testing it directly since many devices don’t behave consistently. Why model headset and phone are you using?

Just in case, you may want to doublecheck that the bluetooth option is checked in your main Blackberry options/settings and that your headset volume is not too low. On some headsets, the phone’s volume controls don’t have any effect. Hope that helps.

I have At Bat for my Blackberry 9630 but the main scoreboard will never update, I have to shut down the app and then reload it, is this an app problem?

The application is set up to display an error message if it is unable to load data off the network. And since you get new data when you restart, it seems like the app is able to connect to the server and get data. So it looks like something preventing the application from making data requests while it is open.

A couple of thoughts:

1. In order to preserve your battery the app doesn’t make new data requests while it is in the background. So if you open the app, go to calendar or mail and come back, the data may not have updated. But it should start again within a minute.

2. There is a setting under the app options (press the menu key while the app is open) to have the scoreboard update faster. The default is 1 minute, but you can make it 15 seconds and see if that helps.

3. It’s possible that there is something funny going on with your permissions. Those are located in your main BlackBerry options under Applications > At Bat 2010 > Edit Permissions. The app can’t set it’s own permissions so if they somehow got set wrong, it might be blocking data requests.

If none of these options work, let us know and we’ll escalate with the engineers.

Please put me down as requesting the Palm Pre / WebOS version as well!

I have purchased the AtBat/Gameday audio for my PC, and subscribed to the mobile premium on my Pre already, but you can easily squeeze another $15 bucks out of me for the vastly superior AtBat Mobile experience.

Are you waiting for flash on WebOS to do this?

Running Blackberry Bold 9000 – v4.6. My audio will frequently cut out abruptly. Sometimes this happens after only 5 seconds into the broadcast, and at other times after 15 minutes. I can ?sometimes? fix this issue by going outside the MLB program and re-entering, and making my game selection. I?ve tried using 2G instead of 3G as was suggested by you previously, and it doesn?t seem to make any difference. This has heppened on a variety of different stations.

A couple of comments/suggestions for the Android app:
– Landscape mode would be nice…it’s a pain to try to switch game audio feeds while my phone is in the car dock
– When I select “Standings” from the menu, it would be nice if it opened up to the National League standings since the “Favorite Team” I selected in preferences is a National League team.
– Bluetooth doesn’t seem to work. Audio is so choppy it’s not worth listening to (Motorola S9-HD)
– Scheduled game times should show up in my local time zone rather than Eastern

The cardinals feed is not working again. Twice I’ve tried using the gameday audio on my phone and both times the Cardinals feed doesn’t work. The subscription isn’t worth it if it’s gonna be like this.

Just confirmed that the feed is Live from the source, so there seems to be something else at issue. What phone are you using? We’ll need to check with the CDN serving the version of the feed specific to your phone to see if there is a deeper problem. And to confirm, the Houston feed of the same game is working but the Cardinals is not?

I am using a Palm Pre. Yes, Houston feed works just fine.

Ok, thanks for the info. Looking into it and will post when I have some better answers.

We are going to have some extra monitors look at the STL feed during tonight’s game to see if anything unusual is going on with that broadcast. Hopefully you won’t have continual problems tonight. Thanks for the patience.

I’ve been trying to listen to any game at this point on my BB Bold 900 and it keeps giving me the error to make sure that the link is valid. I just tried to listen the Florida Marlins feed and it gave me the same response. I captured the link on my BB and it is “”

I hope that this will help to solve the problem.

Thanks, for the feedback. The URL looks correct. A couple of follow up questions:

1. What OS version of the Bold are you running? Some versions have some media player bugs that could be causing issues

2. What network are you using? Some wi-fi networks block RTSP and some users running on the BIS block RTSP as well

3. Have you tried the alternate link provided on the audio launch page? If you close the media player after you see the error the page you return to has a link to an alternate format. Do both fail?

Because of all the complexity around BlackBerry networks and setting configurations you should definitely email customer service (the link is in the faq inside the app) so we can have a fuller conversation to resolve this issue.

I also have just tried the Angels feed and received the same errror. That link is “”

It would be cool if the Android version could get a widget to follow a game on the home screen too.

Thanks for the feedback. An Android home screen widget is on our list of feature enhancements although we can’t provide a timeline at this point.

Is there any update on the possibility of live video-feeds for the Droid? I know that many of my friends with Android phones are very interested in the app but are hesitant since we would be paying the same price as iPhone users who have access to live video feeds.

Currently the status on this issue hasn’t changed. Android does not support the mobile-optimized live streaming format that we deliver to iPhones (the IETF Live HTTP Streaming specification). We are working to find a way to either get this support into Android or build it ourselves, but it is no small matter given the diversity of Android devices and OS versions in the market.

I purchased At Bat 2010 for Android. I don’t suppose there is any way to listen to the Gameday Audio that I just purchased on the PC without purchasing it again…. is there?

Does anyone else think the Pittesburgh feed for the Pirates/Brewers game has extremely low volume?

Having the following problem:

At Bat version 1.1.2
Blackberry 9700 OS 5
recreated under UMA, 3G, Edge

I can’t get the scoreboard to refresh. I have it set to every 15 seconds, but the ONLY way to get a refresh is to completely shut down the application and restart it. I’ve reported this to customer service several times, but I don’t think they even read what I send them.

I can live with this for now, but I’m mainly concerned that you get it in the pipeline to be fixed. Thanks!

Thanks for the feedback. The engineers are taking a look at the scoreboard refresh behavior. Currently the scoreboard does not refresh when it is in the background, including when you are using other screens in the app like News or Gameday, or when you use other apps on the device. We are adjusting that behavior so that the scoreboard refreshes when you return to it from any view.

However, it sounds like you are having another problem where the scoreboard does not refresh if you simply sit on it. If so, then that is a bug, which we will take a look at. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Additionally, can you confirm that you never see the scoreboard refresh data once it is open? Or does the app refresh for a while and then stop updating? We want to verify that the problem is not tied tied to the background behavior, mentioned previously. Does the gameday pitch-by-pitch update in real -time correctly?

1. I have never seen a scoreboard refresh once the application is open. I only get a new scoreboard when I start At Bat. My workaround has been to do a full “Exit At Bat” and then restart it to get a scoreboard refresh.

2. Gameday refreshes pitch-by-pitch in real time and works great for me!

This, I think, is a separate issue but would be lessened if my scoreboard refreshed:
3. If I go to the gameday preview of a game before the scheduled time, it won’t changeover to the regular gameday upon gametime (and thus give me the audio option) without exiting At-Bat and restarting. So the gameday preview doesn’t refresh into regular gameday.

THANKS! I use At Bat every day. Thanks for bringing it to Blackberry.

In order to move forward, we’d like to see if we can match our device configuration to yours. BlackBerry has a wide variety of settings that can impact networking. It would be very helpful if you could provide the following information:

1. Device model (I believe it’s a tmobile 9700) OS version, located under Settings/Options/About, e.g. v5.0.0.609
2. A list of all the settings under Settings/Options/Advanced/TCP
3. Whether or not WiFi was enabled during your test
4. If the WiFi was connected to a network or you were running on the carrier network
5. Are you using BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) or BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service)?
6. Lastly, are you ever seeing the phones network activity indicator (the little arrows in the top corner) which would indicate that the phone is receiving new data.


I have been having issues w/ some functions of At Bat. I attempted to submit an email, and the response I got was to call the support phone number, of which I did and couldn’t get through to anyone regarding these issues.

What I am noticing is the following:

1. Since the beginning of usage with the application, I have been
unable to see any Preview or Recap news/articles for any of the games.
Frequently there are links at the end of the box score/game summary that say “White Sox Recap” or before a game “White Sox Preview” with a clickable link. The links never function and don’t take me anywhere. Please advise

2. When switching between games, there are times when the information
will not take me to the game I have selected. For instance, if I am viewing the Gameday for the White Sox game, and then go back to the scoreboard to pick another game, the Gameday will still show the White Sox game and not the newly selected game. It does this for all of the tabs (Game/Plays/Video/Field/Box). Please advise.

Thanks for the report. To answer your questions:

1. The Preview and Recap News articles are not available in the application right now, so those links should not even be showing up. Adding that content is an enhancement we have in the pipeline so it looks like something is on production that shouldn’t be. Are you running the latest update of the application?

2. The Gameday views do hold the information from the previous game in the background, so the expected behavior would be for the previous game to display for a moment and then switch to the newly selected game. Under bad network conditions this could take a little longer. Are you finding a situation where the game never switches and sits on the wrong game?

I forgot to mention for the above post;

I am running stock 1.5 on a Sprint HTC Hero.

2. “APN Settings Enabled” checked; “APN Authentication Enabled” unchecked

3. Tested with wifi connected and without WiFi connected
4. When connected to wifi, I’m connected to my home internet enabled wifi. I also tried in places where there was no wifi available.
5. BIS
6. Yes, I see it all the time, but I don’t know if it is trying to update the scoreboard or do something else in At Bat.

Thanks, under the APN settings checkbox, is there a value set for the APN:

If not, can you set it to

Yes, sorry, it was already set to

Great, and one other test if you have a moment:

If you are in a time zone different from Eastern, set the time zone to Eastern, disable automatic time zone changes, and restart the app using the “Exit AtBat” menu option.

Trying to listen to the Rays-Royals game tonight, 4/29. Keep getting a message that says “unable to connect” Tried the 3G network as well as WIFI. No luck. Using a Sprint HTC Hero 1.5 android. First time in awhile have had this problem. Really think this is more a Sprint problem. Any help from MLB?
Thanks for the great app.


Setting my phone to Eastern time (without the option to auto update based on location) and restarting At Bat solved the problem and I’m getting updates on the scoreboard. Of course, I’m going to set my phone back to Pacific time, but at least you guys know what the problem is now! Thanks for taking the time with this!

Thanks for the help in resolving this. The update to fix the issue is in development.

Ok, once again unable to connect to any AUDIO!! What is up?
Up until yesterday worked great. Now 2 days in a row nothing!!!
Sprint HTC Hero 1.5 App verison 1.0.4

Thanks, we let the Engineers know. Is this problem still occurring? If so, can you let us know if this is for any specific teams or all teams? Also, is this problem on the carrier network or on wifi? Lastly, can you provide more specifics on what the application is doing? Is it simply not connecting? Are there any error messages?

I have a BB 8330 and listened to games using Gameday Audio all last summer. This year, I’m having the same problem I saw mentioned previously by another user-I can listen to 54 seconds of a broadcast and then an error message pops up and the audio stops. I can hit the “ok” button, then the back button and it reloads for another 54 seconds and then does the same thing (54 secs every time). I have emailed customer service and received a response stating they were aware of an issue and have heard nothing since. It’s been a month now and I’m VERY frustrated. Any suggestions? Any word on a fix? How will I know if there is something I need to do from my end?


Just visited another blog on this issue and one person says they heard back from MLB that it’s a problem with US Cellular (my carrier) and T-mobile. The following is the URL for the other blog-perhaps other postings might give more insight on how MLB can fix?

Thanks, we are definitely aware of the 54 second issue. The problem currently looks like certain devices on the select carriers are not sending the standard RTSP Receive Report Notification that lets the servers on our CDN know that the media player is still connected. I’m not sure if the issue is on the device or something the carriers are doing differently. We are looking for workarounds that won’t end up putting the CDN servers at risk of connections that never terminate. Thanks for your help in resolving this issue.


thx – WK

If you are talking about Android, then, we are working on a number of avenues to make this available. Sorry we can’t provide more detail.

After listening for 54 seconds, the error message that pops up says “An error has occurred attempting to play media” and yes, it is still doing it. I’m using my carrier network.

Right after I posted last, it played continuously for 40:10 seconds. Now, it’s back to the 54 sec. It’s never done that before. I have tried various teams/stations, and they all do the same thing.

Thanks for the information. The engineers are actively working on this.

Have you guys fixed the scoreboard update yet? I’ve been having the problem since I downloaded the program on the first day of the season. I sit on the scoreboard screen, but it doesn’t update. When I recheck the scoreboard sometimes late at night, it still says the game is slated to start at 1:05 PM (earlier that afternoon), and when I click on it, it sends me to the game preview screen. I’ve sent multiple emails to tech support, and their latest fix is to shut down the program completely and reopen it to refresh the scoreboard. This isn’t terribly convenient. Is this how you meant for the program to work? I have a Blackberry Tour 9630 on Verizon, running Blackberry OS 5.0. Thanks,


This is the right place to posts bugs. I went through the customer support and got even less help than you. The developers are reading blog comments and actively working on bugs.

That said, I have the same problem as you and we diagnosed the problem (it has to do with the time zone). They’ve stated a fix is on the way, so we’ll have to wait.

My workaround is to shut down at bat completely and restart. The other one is to set the time zone on your phone to Eastern Time and deselect the automatic time zone update.

We have a fix in QA now. We need to fully regression test the application so the fix doesn’t break something else inadvertently.Once that’s done we’ll submit to App World.

Also, if it helps to know, we are monitoring everything that goes to customer support, so any problems reported there do make it to the engineers.

There is a new release in App world that should address your Time Zone issues. Please download it and let us know if it solves the problem. Thanks for the patience.

Sprint has released the Android 2.1 update for its Hero phone. I have updated and AtBat is not showing up in Market. I purchased when I still had version 1.5. I thought 1.5 and newer was supported?

I have the same problem as Dan. Why can’t I see the At Bat app in the Android marketplace now that I’ve upgraded to Android 2.1?

The application is set up in App Market and is supported. We have seen similar problems on other devices in the past and we have had to call the device manufacturer to get our app to show up. We are working to figure out why it is not appearing. Sorry for the delay.

Yep, East Coast Bias is gone. Thanks for the update!


Thanks for checking in. As mentioned previously, the ideal approach would be for Android to support the open standard IETF live HTTP streaming specification that we currently use on PC/Mac/iPhoneOS platforms. If that doesn’t happen we will need to write our own custom media player application for Android capable of playing back these streams. We are working on both approaches as we definitely want to get Android customers this important feature. Sorry that more specific information is not available at this time.

Hoping I can get some help here. I have a Blackberry 9700 on T-Mobile in the USA. Downloaded AT BAT yesterday. The app works fine as long as I’m on a wifi network. When I switch to 3G, the scoreboard gives me a “Unable to Load Data” message. I have a full 3G signal and all my other apps (Opera, Pandora) work fine off the 3G signal. I can check standings and news while in 3G, but I can’t see any scores or access GameDay/Audio. I’ve sent messages to the support email and gotten basic, unhelpful replies. Please advise how to fix. Thanks.

Appreciate the feedback. We have started to receive reports with unusual behavior like this, specifically on t-mobile networks. We have escalated this with the engineers to see if we can replicate the issue. Do you know if you are using the BIS or BES with your device? And do you know how to find your APN settings? Also, do you know what version of the application you have installed? That information will help us debug. Thanks.


For the past 2 months, the only response we’ve gotten from MLB is that live video solutions are under investigation, and there is no timeline set. The primary reason given has been the lack of IETF HTTP support. However, both the NBA and the NFL offer live video streaming for the Android platform. I’ve been an MLB.TV customer since year 1, and have always considered MLB’s streaming video service to be the leader when it came to offering video streaming content, but you folks have fallen behind with Android. Please, please escalate this issue and deliver streaming video to your many Android-using fans. Thanks

I can’t receive calls while I have At Bat running in the main screen (I can receive calls when it is in the background). I have a 9700 on T-Mobile. Is this normal/expected?

That is definitely not normal nor expected. This has been escalated with the engineers to see if we can replicate and figure out what is going on.

Hi, I have a little more information for you. If you are running on an Edge network, it is the expected behavior that calls would not be received while the application is making a data connection. This is the nature of Class B GPRS networks. On 3G, this should depend on the carrier so we will be testing T-mobile devices to see how they respond.

@mlbmobile Yes, using BIS not BES. APN Settings are enabled and the APN is APN Authentication is not checked. The version of At Bat is 1.1.3 and the version of Blackberry OS is

Listening to the Dodgers/Giants game today, any plans to fix the 3G Audio Cutting out? Its very irritating…

Hey – love MLB At Bat 2010 on my Droid.

Question – when I’m listening to Giants on KNBR, the volume of the broadcast announcers and that of the advertisements/station breaks is extremely different – when I set the volume to listen comfortably to the announcers, the adverts/station breaks are deafeningly loud. I don’t know that I’ve noticed the issue as bad on other broadcasts, but on KNBR it is very noticeable.

Thanks for your help!


I just picked up the new Motorola XT720 running Android 2.1 on Cincinnati Bell. Same problem as others with new phones have reported – I can’t see the app in the Android market. Could you please check into this? Thanks!

How about a status update for the prospects of live streaming for Android-based devices in 2011?

The growth rate of Android will soon render “doesn’t support IETF HTTP streaming” a poor rationale, if it hasn’t already. At some point, a platform is too big to ignore and it’s up to you to write applications to support it, not for it to conform to the protocol that you prefer to support. I hope for everyone’s sake, Android incorporates IETF HTTP support and makes things simple. If they don’t, that’s no excuse.

I’d also like to add that it will be unconscionable for the app to remain an additional purchase for subscribers. I will have DirectTV before next season so Extra Innings becomes an option. It’s unlikely that I will purchase in 2011 if my mobile device is not supported and if At Bat is not a free download for subscribers.

After this season’s Roku fiasco there will be little patience for another round of disappointments as next season ramps up.

How about a status update for the prospects of live streaming for Android-based devices in 2011?

The growth rate of Android will soon render “doesn’t support IETF HTTP streaming” a poor rationale, if it hasn’t already. At some point, a platform is too big to ignore and it’s up to you to write applications to support it, not for it to conform to the protocol that you prefer to support. I hope for everyone’s sake, Android incorporates IETF HTTP support and makes things simple. If they don’t, that’s no excuse.

I’d also like to add that it will be unconscionable for the app to remain an additional purchase for subscribers. I will have DirectTV before next season so Extra Innings becomes an option. It’s unlikely that I will purchase in 2011 if my mobile device is not supported and if At Bat is not a free download for subscribers.

After this season’s Roku fiasco there will be little patience for another round of disappointments as next season ramps up.

I use blackberry bold 9000 for almost 1 and half years, and I found a lot of good information that I can apply to my mobile.

Where is the Android App for MLB.TV streaming??? You had a whole YEAR to get it done – what’s the holdup??? I won’t be getting MLB.TV if I can see it on my phone – period.

Edit: I wopn’t be buying MLB.TV if I CAN’T view it on my Droid 2…

Another vote for AtBat 2011 on webOS! HP is releasing new devices. If an iPhone app can be ported in a matter of hours then you have nothing to lose; the cost of development would be made back in purchases by me and just a few friends.

Not sure if this page is still being monitored or not but I’m unable to sign up this year because of ‘unexpected errors’. I called customer service and they said it wouldn’t be fixed until March 31st! They can’t be serious?

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