Free weekend of MLB.TV on At Bat mobile

To thank all the fans who purchased At Bat 2010, making it the #1 paid sports app in the Apple iTunes Store, we are going to be offering free access to MLB.TV this weekend (April 24-25) in At Bat on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Several games will be blacked out due to TV rights-holder guidelines and will not be available as part of the Free Weekend special.

Games that are nationally blacked out on Saturday due to the national FOX broadcast are: Indians at A’s, Yankees at Angels, and Mariners at White Sox. The Braves at Mets game on ESPN Sunday night also is blacked out due to the national broadcast. These games are available to international MLB.TV subscribers, but are not part of the free weekend offer.

Standard MLB.TV local market blackouts will apply throughout the weekend.

For more details, read the full article.


  1. svet-am

    I am noticing that MLB At Bat 2010 is not being restored to my Nexus One after Google pushed the 2.2 update to my phone. It’s also no longer visible in the Android Market? Is there something wrong?

    All of my other paid apps got restored just fine.

    • mlbmobile

      Have some more information for you on the 2.2 issue. According to Google, 2.2 is not publicly released. Since it is not an official version of Android, copy protected applications such as At Bat do not show up in the Market. Hope that clarifies the issue for you.

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