At Bat now available on the iPhone App Store

Tomorrow morning, Apple’s iPhone 3G will be available in stores across the US.  But current Apple iPhone users can get a head start and pick up At Bat right now because the iPhone App Store is now live.

Download At Bat



    Are there plans to provide occasional updates to At Bat in the future? Though it’s a good start, it’s missing a few features that would really make it invaluable to any baseball fan. Things like:
    – Alerts when there are new video highlights available in the current game
    – Play-by-play info
    – Pitch-by-pitch info
    – Ability to “drill down” into a game to see player stats

    Right now, At Bat’s only advantage is that it offers video highlights, but in most other respects it doesn’t offer as much info as the mobile WAP site… though it’s definitely MUCH prettier.

    You also mentioned in the previous post that Gameday Audio wouldn’t be supported since Apple doesn’t currently have a streaming application. Now that the iTunes App Store is online, I noticed the AOL Radio app is one of the most popular, and it streams in realtime to the iPhone. Surely something similar could be implemented in At Bat?

    Here’s hoping that At Bat 1.1 is coming soon!! 🙂

    • mlbmobile

      Thanks for the feedback, Aaron. Hopefully we can answer some of the questions. There are plans to update the application, although there is not a timeline right now. We are definitely considering many new features including pitch-by-pitch, boxscores, play-by-play, and audio.

      The application does currently let you drill down into a game if you click the globe icon in the bottom right corner of a selected game. This will launch the mobile WAP site giving you access to the game stats and pitch-by-pitch. We recognize this is not seamless or as visually consistent as the application. However, our intent with version 1 of the application was to provide something very easy to use featuring the best video content and not to replicate the mobile site with a slicker interface. Instead we chose to let you link from the app directly to the site in the correct context. And we plan on improving the interface on the site to make it more iPhone friendly as well.

      Gameday Audio is a great question and something a lot of fans have aksed about. The quicktime player included in the iPhone doesn’t support live streaming out of the box. Some companies have opted to build custom media players to deliver their content and we are certainly looking into doing the same. Typically our approach is to focus on delivering the best content we can based on the inherent capabilities of the device rather than building new features into devices to support our content. But we?ll continue to listen to the fans and work with device manufactures to deliver the most compelling content possible.

      We know fans are excited about getting Gameday Audio and other live content on their phones and our goal is to create great products for them.

      We really appreciate your feedback, and hope you enjoy the application.


    As a subscriber to gameday audio, I would like to put in my vote that you all find a way to stream this service to the iphone. If the current version of AtBat supported gameday audio, I for one would not mind paying for this App, but until that is part of the package, then I’ll wait before I purchase.


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