August 2008 At Bat 1.1 now available in the iPhone App Store

The first update to At Bat is now available for download from the iPhone App Store.  The release is focused on improvements to application performance and the addition of user preferences.  New and existing At Bat users will now be able to set their favorite team, the application data refresh rate, and the default video aspect ratio.

  • With the favorite team setting, At Bat will now display your team’s game at the top of the scoreboard so that you won’t have to scroll to find it.
  • The refresh rate setting gives you the option of receiving new game data at intervals of 15, 30 and 60 seconds. The faster updates will let you follow the game more closely, however be aware that making lots of requests for data will use up more of your battery life.
  • The video aspect ratio preference will let you set the default video playback as either Full Screen or Fit to Screen. Fit to Screen will play the clip back in its native format.  Since the iPhone screen is slightly wider than the video, this will leave thin vertical black bars on either side of the clip.  Full Screen will blow up to picture to fill the entire screen, but the result will slightly clip the top and bottom of the picture. The setting only controls the default playback, so you will be able to switch the playback while watching at any time.

In addition, we recently optimized the quality of the At Bat video clips for the 3G network. This may cause a slightly longer wait to download the clips over the EDGE network but there should be significantly less artifacts and motion blur. Users connected to WiFi will continue to receive clips optimized for broadband connections.

To learn how to update your version of At Bat or change your settings once you’ve downloaded At Bat 1.1, check out our Mobile FAQ. For any other questions, fill out our customer feedback form or leave a comment.