At Bat 2010 Update At Bat 2010 was just approved for sale on the iTunes App Store!  At Bat 2010 has been expanded with more content and great new features including a search-able video library, league-wide news, team schedules, rosters and player stats, multiple favorite team selection, background audio playback, and Gameday Audio for Spring training games.  And of course we’ll be bringing more enhancements throughout the season.

Get it now on the App Store


  1. redstatebluestate

    If MLB wants to make some serious dough, create an Android version. Android is the future. Hurry up please! I want to buy it yesteday!

  2. atca14

    I’ll chime in, what about At Bat for the Palm Pre instead of Mobile Premium?
    The Pre has support for Flash too.

  3. fitzcards

    If you haven’t gotten the 2010 app yet, you didn’t miss a lot today. Audio wasn’t working, video is not here yet (mid March?), and there wasn’t even gameday (pitch by pitch). Just like MLB, the app is definitely taking it’s time getting up and ready. Still glad I was home sick to grab the new App today!!! It’s simply awesome.

  4. svet-am

    another ping from a disappointed Android user. I am a Nexus One owner and the MLB Mobile page even shows At Bat running on a Nexus One. But, it’s not in the market. MLB said that they “released At Bat 2010.” They didn’t say “released the Apple version of At Bat 2010.” 😦

  5. brewed4thought

    Blackberry please! I’m with the person above who sees the app running on their phone in the promo shot, but we have nothing.

    I know Spring Training won’t have the real deal coverage, but please, give me something.

  6. glenn012

    Hurry up with the Android version please! The Orioles play today at 1pm and I cannot get the radio broadcast at work 🙂

  7. dat_cubfan_daver

    Why is no one answering our questions?! Seriously, what is the point to having a blog like this if you’re not going to interact with commenters? Don’t get me wrong; I appreciate the hard work you guys are doing to bring mobile technology to baseball fans, but, geez, can we get some answers re: BlackBerry and Android, please?

    • mlbmobile

      Sorry for the delay, We’ve been working overtime to get the Android and BlackBerry apps out and have been a little behind on answering the team blog posts. Hopefully, you’ve seen both apps are now available. Thanks for your patience.

  8. bhjhk

    Well they have the app for blackberry, but only for the storm. I suppose I can’t be too dissapointed, as they pictures on showed the storm with at bat 2010. I wish the Bold 9000 would be able to get this app. There’s always mobile premium I guess.

  9. svet-am

    Got the Android version!! Finally! Looks great and runs great. Here comes the wish list…. a scoreboard widget for games/teams.

  10. nfdsoxfan

    I can’t see the gameday icon or the field icon on my iPhone app, nor can I see the gameday itself? Am I doing something wrong? I see it on the screenshots at the app store, it doesn’t seem to be on my phone.

    • mlbmobile

      Many Spring Training facilities are not currently providing full Gameday pitch by pitch data. As Spring Training progresses more data will become available and these tabs will become accessible. Gameday will be available for every Regular Season and Postseason game. Thank you and please email customer service if you have any other questions.

  11. iagal

    Just got MLB At Bar for the Droid and I can see the game, box, field, plays just fine and the gameday audio comes through loud and clear… but the audio is at least a half inning behind the other. Any help in syncing the two? Thanks.

  12. benyamen

    So is there any chance that someday losers like me with Windows Mobile phones will stop getting the shaft? Pre owners should be glad they even get gameday premium, as windows mobile owners only get gameday audio mobile and as of yet that link isn’t even showing up on the mobile website. Why is there absolutely nothing for windows mobile?

  13. mayitopr3

    Is the Palm Pre version in development? Please let us Pre owners have this app too dont leave us in the cloud another season.

  14. rosehof14

    How about making an addition to the app for to work. I know this is something right under your nose. I run and when I’m at the ball park before a game I would like to blog about the game, take pictures during the game with my I Phone that would be stored in my space for my blog and so on. It’s either that or I keep pushing for netbook day at the park with wifi!

    Thanks and keep up the good work!
    Chris Power

  15. Greg

    I love At Bat. I just experienced an issue listening to today’s Cubs game — the audio completely disappeared. I tweeted about it, and @MLB directed me to make a comment here since this is where devs would see it.

    Of course, by the time I log in to make the comment, it’s working again. I hope you guys are just ironing out the kinks during Spring Training, and it’ll be awesomely robust during the regular season.

    I’m especially thrilled with the background audio option this year. That was the missing feature that bugged me the most last year. Thanks!

    • mlbmobile

      Thanks for the feedback. The Engineering team will defintiely look into this. Spring Training definitely presents some complications since the method by which we connect to the broadcasts depends very much on the spring training facilities. This can sometimes result in lower quality audio and other issues. Some teams don’t have radio broadcasts of the games.

      Our expectation is that these issues will not continue into the regular season so if you find yourself having problems, please email customer service at the address found in the app FAQ. Additionally please note that during the regular season some stations drop all audio during commercials so the sound can appear out but actually just be dead commercial air.


    If I buy the iPod At Bat, is the PC-based gameday audio available to me as well, or do I need to purchase both if I want to listen from my PC as well? Thanks!

  17. apujols5

    Despite today’s “availability” of iphone game video (March 25), there are still not “Watch” links for either of the two late afternoon broadcasts (Brewers/Dodgers and Angels/Rangers).

    Both broadcasts are up and running on the desktop version.

  18. jareb

    I’m a bit annoyed. I have an Ipod Touch and had At Bad 2009 and liked it a lot. I am not very happy with 2010. I was able to see very few Spring Training games. Also, there is nothing on the scoreboard about the free game of the days for this week that I can find. Not to mention the fact that At Bat 2009 gave us two games a day and was cheaper.

    As far as I can tell, I paid more money for something that was of lesser quality than last year. That doesn’t sound like a good deal to me.

    Please reply.

    Thank you for your time.

  19. philsownu

    I for one LOVE the AT Bat 2010 App for the iphone. But the BLACKOUT RESTRICTIONS are absolutely bogus!! People within a teams area should be able to watch their HOME TEAM, isn’t that the point of being a fan. I can care less about watchin all these other teams games especially this early in the season. All I want to do is watch my home team on my iphone when I can’t get to a TV. Like when I’m out or at work! BLACKOUT RESTRICTIONS ARE A JOKE!!!

  20. uk_mets_fan

    If I remember correctly the 2009 version allowed individual games to be purchased for the live video streaming. I don’t really want to subscribe for all the games as a large number are evening/ night games (which don’t finish ’til the early hours of the morning here in the uk).
    Is this going to be available again in the 2010 version?
    (apologies if my memory is playing tricks on me)

    • mlbmobile

      That the feature was available only for a limited time in September 2009, for fans to follow important individual matchups during the pennant races. That option is not available for the full season, but will be considered as additional updates to the App are made over the course of the season.

  21. phillyphanphromsc

    Why is the audio many minutes behind the Gameday display? In every game this year, listening to WPHT for the Phillies audio is a joke as the Gameday show the action 5 minutes ahead of the broadcast.

    This did not occur last year, the audio was only a 10 seconds behind the action. It allowed me to watch the game on national TV and listen to the local audio. This will be impossible with 5 minute delay.

    Each year the app is more money and is less quality and value.

  22. phillyphanphromsc

    Why is the audio many minutes behind the Gameday display? In every game this year, listening to WPHT for the Phillies audio is a joke as the Gameday show the action 5 minutes ahead of the broadcast.

    This did not occur last year, the audio was only a 10 seconds behind the action. It allowed me to watch the game on national TV and listen to the local audio. This will be impossible with 5 minute delay.

    Each year the app is more money and is less quality and value.

  23. bowafan10

    I have a Motorola Cliq and the audio feed STINKS! It constantly is dropping and I got AB2010 specifically to LISTEN to the games. I constanly have to shut down and reboot for another 3 minutes of audio. It blows.

    • mlbmobile

      Thank you for the feedback. Other than network connectivity, the most likely reason for Audio dropping on Android devices is that you are running out of memory. In the latest version of the application we added a setting called “keep playing” to try and force the device to keep playing audio and remove memory elsewhere as opposed to stopping. You can try that setting. Some users download Android task manager apps to see if the device is running a lot in the background.

      We are also having engineers do some additional testing on the Cliq to see if we can reproduce the issue and determine if there is anything else in the app that would cause audio dropping on that particular device.

  24. WebScud

    I have two feature requests for the iPhone version…

    1.) An option to hide scores on the main page the same way you can with the MLB.TV Boxee app. There are some games I don’t want to see updates about until I get home from work and can watched the archived game. Sometimes the At Bat app functions as a TV Guide of sorts and when it does I don’t want spoilers. If I were to click on a game for more info than it reveal all the details.

    2.) Background audio for iPhone OS 4.0 when it’s released. When Steve was showing the Pandora app all I could think was “No, Steve! Baseball!”

    • mlbmobile

      Supporting iPhone OS 4.0 features will definitely be a priority. Currently the app does support the “unofficial” approach to background audio by launching the safari browser to play the audio stream in quicktime. You can hit the quicktime button in the audio popover to initiate.

      The hide scores feature is another one we have had on the list for a while although we can’t give a timeline for it at this point. Thanks for the suggestions.

  25. WebScud

    Thanks for the response! Not all devs are quite as interactive with their customers. It’s refreshing to see someone as big as MLB be proactive in communication.

  26. msches01

    In the last two nights I’ve had difficulty watching games on my iphone 3GS. I get maybe 2-3 sec live streaming video and then it crashes and returns back to the App scoreboard page. I have called customer support on both occasions and I’m told they are aware of this problem with streaming mobile video feeds and that they are working on it. Anyone else have this issue? Is it because there are too many subscribers competing for the bandwidth? I have not seen anything posted regarding this issue if it is in fact systemic to the network or a means to get at least a refund on the days I’m not able to connect to watch a live game.


    I have an iphone 3g. The iphone app right now is deteriorating in quality. I can listen to a game for about 5 minutes and then I get the dreaded “unable to connect to audio” error. It also cannot update the scoreboard at that point. I emailed customer support, no response. I called mobile support and got the typical response: “we are aware of the issue but cannot tell you when it will be fixed”. I have no other problems with any other app on my iphone that accesses data. I running OS 3.1.2 through tmobile.

    The dysfunctionality of this app makes it somewhat useless and very frustrating. The problem is that has a total monopoly so I’m not sure if they have enough incentive to fix this quickly.

    At minimum, should be more forthcoming about when there will be a fix for this, and offer their customers something…. such as at-bat through their computers in addition to their mobile phones.

    Can anyone from mobile comment. I’m sure I am not alone in these frustrations.

    • mlbmobile

      Appreciate the feedback. Apologies for the delay, but the Engineering team does get all the requests from customer support. I have a couple of follow up questions to help the engineers determine what is going on. First, are you in the US or international? Second, does the scoreboard function normally when audio is not playing? Third, are these problems recent, or have they been occurring since you oringinally downloaded the app? Thanks.


    I’m in the US.
    When the audio stops working, the scoreboard does not update as well.
    These problems have been there from the beginning, though I anecdotally would say they are getting worse.
    Another weird thing is often when I start up the app and it tries to load the current day’s scoreboard, it takes forever, but if I advance to the next day, that day loads quickly, and then when I go backwards to today, that loads quickly as well.

    • mlbmobile

      Thanks for the info. First, do you experience these issues if you are connected to wi-fi only? Also, is your iPhone jailbroken?

      The scoreboard refresh issue has been reported in the past and the engineering team is working on a fix that should be released shortly.


    Yes, my phone is jailbroken. I’ll try the wifi. Right now it only happens with the cell connection. It’s weird. I can be in one spot receiving fine and then it just drops out suddenly. I can reconnect again in 5-10 minutes.

  30. smokyjoe

    What’s with the LONG audio delay tonight with the Red Sox feed? It must have been 2 or 3 minutes behind!
    iPhone 3GS, WIFI


    My jailbroken, 3G (firmware 3.13) phone drops the audio feed very often. I can’t listen for more than a few minutes without having to dither with the app to get the audio back. When audio is gone in AtBat, I can’t listen in background mode. I use my phone’s wi-fi connection to my home network as I don’t have a data plan.

    Please fix this. I used the app a great deal last season and this issue never appeared.

  32. jareb

    Game of the day today (30 May 2010) is not working. After verifying that I am not in a blackout area and getting to the Play Ball screen, I get the message This movie could not be played. I know it’s not my wifi, computer of Touch.

    Get your act together, mlbmobile. You’re making us pay more for a service that is substandard from last year. Justify the price increase. or at least give us the quality of last year.

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