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In-game video highlights on your phone

New for the 2008 season, MLB.com’s Team Alerts service has been enhanced with Video Alerts, highlight clips sent to your phone minutes after the play at the ballpark. The BETA launches tonight for the Braves – Nationals season opener in DC. Sign up now.

For those unfamiliar, Team Alerts is a text message (SMS) subscription service. For $3.99 a month plus carrier messaging fees, subscribers will receive text notifications about their favorite team including: end of game summaries, home runs, lead changes and breaking news.

Now, for no additional subscription fee, Team Alerts subscribers will also get Video Highlights. Highlights are selected by the MLB.com editorial team, and will feature home runs, great defensive plays, key scoring plays, and historical moments. Clips will range from 15-30 seconds.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Your team hits a home run.
  2. We immediately send you a text alert notifying you of the home run, and the current game score.
  3. A couple of minutes later, we send you a follow up alert with a link to watch the clip.
  4. Open the link and we automatically launch your phone’s media player and stream the highlight to you.

Depending on the game we expect to limit the service to about 3-5 clips a night.  But tell us if you want more. Customer feedback is always appreciated.


  • In order to get the Team Alerts service you must have a Text Message service from your Carrier
  • You must have a video capable phone. To see if you can get video alerts on your phone, check out the list of supported devices on the Team Alerts page.
  • You must have a mobile internet data plan.  We highly recommend getting an unlimited data plan. Highlights range from 300 – 500 KB of data, which can quickly exceed your plan limits and lead to large data bills from your carrier.

We will continue to enhance the Team Alerts service, so keep checking the Mobile Blog for new features. Thanks.