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Service Update: Player Alerts SB Issue Fixed

A fix to Player Alerts to address incorrect season stolen base counts in SB in-game alerts went to production yesterday.  The SB alerts should now accurately display the player’s season total in the message, where before it was incorrectly displaying the game total. Please e-mail us at mlb-mobile-cs@mlb.com if you continue to see this issue.

Service Update: Alerts Known Issues

We have detected a pair of minor issues with our two alert services:

  • Player Alerts – Season Stolen Base Counts – for in-game SB alerts, the message is showing the number of SBs for the game where it should be showing the season total.
  • Team Alerts – False Lead Changes – we detected an issue where when our stringers in the ballpark update stats after a game, it falsely records and publishes a lead change alert if the game had late-inning changes.

We are currently working on patches for these two issues and will notify you when the fixes go live.  In the meantime, if you are concerned about receiving false lead change alerts, you can always disable the alert type in the Mobile Dashboard.

We apologize for any inconvenience or frustration these issues may have caused.