At Bat 2009 Update Now Available

A new update to At Bat 2009 has been released in the App

This free update addresses a pair of issues some customers have
been reporting related to intermittent crashes and audio feed

Please continue to direct you comments, suggestions and
feedback on At Bat 2009 and our entire fleet of mobile offerings to mobile
customer service
. Thank you and enjoy the games.



    It’s great that these services are becoming available, however, I’m surprised at how closed they are.

    I have an unlocked Windows Mobile 6.1 device used with T-Mobile that has great audio and video capabilities. Because the OS uses open standards, it appears there’s nothing in your suite of mobile products that I can subscribe to with audio or video service. Initially, I assumed this was all browser-based and I could subscribe at the MLB mobile web site, was disappointed to run into all those carrier-restrictions.

    Would be great if I could pay for and get it all!!!


    After updating on my iPhone the app does not work there no video and scores will not update with a refesh button keeps coming up.


    I am still not able to get audio on my itouch. I have tried removing the app and reloading a fresh copy, rebooting the itouch, making sure time is set correctly in 12 hour mode but no joy. It just keeps repeating connecting…playing…connecting…playing but no sound comes out. Usually, if I let it go long enough my itouch will freeze. $10 bucks (plus the $15 I already spent on a regular subscription) and still no audio after a month of messing around.

    Anyone else having this issue??

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