Mobile Up “At Bat” at WWDC



If 3G connectivity and
corporate email aren’t enough, you now have one more great reason to toss that
old phone and pick up a shiny new Apple iPhone.

Today, at Apple’s WWDC keynote, Mobile’s Jeremy Schoenherr and Rob Spychala unveiled and demonstrated
our new iPhone application, At Bat. We built this application
exclusively for the iPhone and it takes advantage of’s video alerts
infrastructure to offer fans game highlights minutes after plays happen at the

Wherever you go, you’ll be able to watch home runs, great defensive
plays, and other game-changing moments when they happen. You’ll also get access to’s up to the minute game scores and statistical data for every game.

Watch Jeremy and Rob demo At Bat at WWDC. (From

Watch the full keynote. (Requires Quicktime)

More details to come.


Any idea when there will be a timeline for this- ballpark- 1 week, 1 month, 1 year? Also, will this service only be good for the new, soon to be released 3G iphones, or will the service be available to older iphone models as well? At Bat will be available when Apple launches the new App Store. I believe this coincide with the iPhone 3G launch in Early July. The application will be available on older iPhones if you get the 2.0 software upgrade.

Will Gameday Audio be integrated into MLB At Bat? If not, is this something that is being considered for a later version?

Gameday Audio will not be integrated into the initial release of At Bat. Currently the iPhone does not have a built-in live streaming player (it’s only on demand clips). However, we are considering it for a later release.

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